Room296 Story

Melbourne Homewares in Trendy Balaclava

“Room296 Melbourne Homewares specialist” providing designer furniture and has been open since 2003 as a small Gift & Homewares Store.

Due to the thousands of loyal customers supporting our brand we have expanded into all areas of designer home furnishings, decorating, and lifestyle products.

Our philosophy demands we select products to meet high quality standards and therefore ensure customer satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction and service has been our emphasis from day one and this is why we are still here and growing.

Our Internet store, activated in 2014, is an extension of our bricks and mortar shop and not just a cyberspace store with an email address.

We have real people and phone numbers to make sure our customers are properly serviced at a human level.

“Room296 Melbourne Homewares specialist takes great care not to create misleading impressions about the price, value, or quality of our products.
We stay away from products manufactured to a low price point, as this is not in keeping with our business model.

The Internet shopping boom has seen many sellers enter the market with little to no experience or knowledge of the products they sell.
These sellers generally use vague descriptions along with exaggerated or extravagant statements comparing their goods against competitor’s higher quality products and hope the customer is too inexperienced to realize the difference.

Whilst many products on the Internet may look the same in a photo, a substantially lower price on the same looking item suggests they are not the same.

Comparing Materials, Manufacturing Techniques, and Warranty are generally the key points to determine which product is better value.

For Example the difference between Leather, Leather look, Bonded Leather, or Leather mixed with Vinyl wont show in a photo.
A photo cannot disclose whether a similar looking product is Solid Timber, Timber Veneer or Timber Laminate.

One of our staff are always available to answer any question regarding any of our products via phone, email, or in store.

Thank you for taking the time to read our story.Designer Furniture